We pick up our guests and their luggage and transfer them to and from the lodge on their arrival and return journey, from any of Namibia's international airports.

The residential area of the Na-Gumbo lodge is located on the Ruimte estate, where they also breed horses and different kinds of livestock. Although Na-Gumbo is in the heart of darkest Africa, this does not mean that we cannot enjoy all the comforts to which we are accustomed in the West.

In Ruimte, there are independent bungalows for lodging its visitors, equipped with single or double beds, a fully equipped bathroom, hot water and 220-V power outlets, leisure areas, a common room, swimming pool, bar, restaurant, and barbecue (essential in these parts). In Ruimte, you can enjoy the same comforts as in a hotel: daily laundry service, Internet access, mobile phone coverage, etc.,with the added advantage that here, only one family or group of visitors is admitted at the same time, thereby ensuring complete personal attention and friendly treatment.

At Na-Gumbo, we pay special attention to the comfort of the companions, so that they can enjoy their stay when they remain at the lodge, away from the hunting parties; they can go horse-riding, take part in photography safaris and, of course, enjoy all the facilities of the lodge.

Chatting at night around the barbecue, under the infinite spectacle of a sky filled with more stars than you have ever imagined, and talking over the excitement of the day or gazing through the powerful telescope that Na-Gumbo places at the disposal of its visitors, is an unforgettable experience