At Na-Gumbo, we schedule excursions to suit the taste of our visitors. The geographic location of the lodge, near the coast, the capital and the most interesting areas of the country mean that you can reach emblematic places in just a few hours. We will take care of organizing these domestic trips, booking hotels, finding Spanish- or English-speaking guides if required, rental of 4-wheel drive vehicles, indeed, everything our visitors may need for their stay with us to live up to expectations.

From Na-Gumbo, we can go to Sossusvlei to see dune 45, the highest dune in the world, and climb to the top of it in order to contemplate the vastness of the Namib, the dessert of the most spectacular red sands one can imagine. 

Fish River Canyon is another place to visit. Don't forget your camera; you will need it later, as nobody will believe what you tell them about this experience later or will think that you are exaggerating.

The Kalahari is the destination of one of the most exciting trips, where you spend some hours with the Bushmen, a tribe of hunters who, like the Himba, reject Western civilization and maintain customs that have remained unchanged for thousands of years.

Walvis Bay and Swakopmund are small genuinely Namibian towns, with buildings in the German 19th-century colonial style, an hour and a half away. Their beaches are visited by thousands of flamencos, pelicans and seals to create a stunning image. This also has to be photographed because, otherwise, who will believe that you have seen seals at these latitudes.

Etosha Pan is a protected national park that conserves all the attractions of the wild nature of this area - one of the most important animal reserves in Africa. 22,270 of wild territory inhabited by 114 species of mammal, 110 species of reptile, 16 species of amphibian and 340 bird species. It is also just a few hours' journey from Na-Gumbo.

Luderitz. This is a small port town of 13,000 inhabitants that was once a large and prosperous business centre thanks to diamond mining. Today, the wealth of Luderitz is based on its important fishing industry, mostly centred round Spanish interests, and the growth of tourism. Its colonial buildings recall its German origins, but with the desert as a background. From here, a visit to the famous ghost town of Kolmanskop is a must. The buildings are half-buried by the sand dunes and provide a spectacular photo opportunity. Also essential is a visit to the famous Shark Island, mentioned in so many literary stories due to its cruel history during the era of colonization.